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I’m excited to offer this wonderful line of health & beauty products.  At the forefront is Volcanic Earth products.  Apart from being natural skin care cosmetics, almost all of the products are also vegan-friendly.  The only ones that aren’t, are the products that have beeswax or honey in them.

Volcanic Earth products include Tamanu Oil.  The Tamanu nut, from which oil of Tamanu Oil is made, can only be harvested twice per year.  Once the nut is harvested, it must be left to cure for 6 to 8 weeks.  After this process has been successfully completed, the oil can be extracted through cold pressing.

Its extraordinary properties have resulted in it being called “Green Gold” of the “Sacred Oil Of Tamanu”.  This sacred oil has a rich and long history, earlier in 1918, French Pharmacopoeia found the oil so powerful in its curative properties.

It has so many benefits to our skin and body.  Try it out for yourself and be amazed at the difference.

Below are just some of the many and amazing benefits of this ancient remedy:-

Aging, acne, acne scars, general scarring, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, lick granulomas, hot spots, skin irritations caused by allergies, rashes, cuts, sores, burns of diverse origin (including radiation burns), wounds, chemical burns, insect bites, toenail fungus, bruises, abrasions, warts (including water warts), razor or clipper burns; welts, poison ivy, sunburn, excessive scratching, in areas of loss of hair, ulcerated skin lesions, stretch marks, ulcers, skin grafts, post-surgical wounds, chapped skin; scabs, breast cracks, chilblains, vaginitis, age spots, diabetic sores, preventing skin eruptions, blisters, radio dermatitis (ulcerations due to X-rays), tissue and skin regeneration, calming the pain of wounds (although when used for this purpose it may cause a slight itch).

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